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APR Applications

Resources for programs taking the Accelerated Pathway to Rating.

An Accelerated Pathway to Rating (APR) is available to all Head Start, ECSE, Public School Pre-Kindergarten, and licensed accredited child care programs.

Licensed child care programs without accreditation should take the Full-Rating Pathway.


Head Start, ECSE, and Public School Pre-Kindergarten 

Licensed Accredited Child Care


Application Process for Head Start, ECSE, and Public School Pre-Kindergarten Programs

To begin, download the correct Application below and follow the steps. More forms are on our APR Resource page.


Participation Agreements

Addendum Application*

*Only fill out this application if you have changes to your existing Rating, or your public school or Head Start has any changes to the sites and/or program options during the two-year Rating period.


Steps to Submit Your Application

Head Start, ECSE, and Public School Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  1. Fill out your program information. The site area on the Application refers to the actual names and locations of the programs. Sites may include formal partnerships with child care or community organizations. Site reporting is not applicable or required for ECSE programs.
  2. Use an approved curriculum: Is your program’s curriculum aligned with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs)? If not, complete the Curriculum Nomination Form to show the alignment of your current curriculum. You may nominate a bundle of multiple curricula for review. This process may take 6–8 weeks.
  3. Use an approved assessment: Is your program using one of the approved assessment tools? If your current assessment is not listed, you must complete the Child Assessment Nomination Form for consideration. You may nominate a bundle of multiple assessments for review. This process may take 6–8 weeks.
  4. Training for your lead teachers: (8) hours related to curriculum and (8) hours related to assessment. Trainings can be from your program, school district, conferences, workshops, and college courses. Fill out the Parent Aware Training Inventory with supporting documents. These may include:
  • Individual certificate of attendance for each staff member
  • One certificate of attendance** and sign-in sheet (together)
  • Agenda** and staff sign-in sheets (together)
  • Unofficial college transcripts
  • District or Head Start teacher training record from district database
  • Certificate of attendance for district trainings from school district

** Please include an explanation of the training if the content is not specified in the title of the training. (For example, a training titled, Infant Mental Health, should be further explained because it would be difficult to determine how much time was spent on curriculum and/or assessment topics).

  1. Fill out and submit the appropriate Participation Agreement, located above.

Send completed application materials to:

MN Department of Education
Early Learning Services – Parent Aware
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113



Application Process for Licensed Accredited Child Care Programs

To begin the APR process, make sure your child care program has the appropriate accreditation.

Application Resources for Licensed Accredited Child Care Programs


Support is Available

We can answer questions and offer support during the APR process. Go to our APR Contacts page to connect with the right person.

Get Started

Recruiters are here to answer your questions and start you on the journey to a Rating.

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