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Tips for Accredited Child Care APR Programs

How do I remain eligible for the Accelerated Pathway?

  • Have an active license with the Minnesota Department of Human Services or, for tribal programs, an active license with a Tribal Government, with none of the following licensing violations: conditional license, suspension, temporary immediate suspension, revocation, or maltreatment finding.
  • Maintain a current accreditation through an approved accrediting body. Accreditations that are revoked or expire during the Rating process or after the Rating has been issued will result in a revoked Parent Aware Rating.


I understand that my Rating expires in two years. What if I want to Re-Rate?

  • You must re-apply and submit for your next Rating no sooner than eight weeks prior to your expiration date.
  • If you do not seek a Re-Rating, it will expire on the “Expiration Date” listed on your Rating Certificate. At that time, your Rating will be removed from your program’s profile on, access to Early Learning Scholarships may be impacted, and eligibility for higher Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) rates based on a Three- or Four-Star Rating will end.

Talk to your Accelerated Pathway contact for more information about the Re-Rating process.


What support is available to Rated programs?

  • Read through our Benefits and Key Resources sections for a great list of resources and partnerships – including financial aid, business consultation, training, and coaching – that offer support to Rated programs.


What should I do between Ratings?

Renew your Individual Membership

  • Every Lead Provider, Program Director, Education Coordinator, and one Lead Teacher per classroom must have a current Individual Membership in Develop, and verified, accurate employment records.
  • Individual Develop Memberships must be renewed every year and must be current on the date you submit for Rating. The expiration date is displayed on your Develop profile, Learning Record, and Career Lattice certificate. It can take up to 42 calendar days for your membership to be processed.
  • For more information, visit Achieve’s website.


Pursue Professional Development
Keep your staff current on the latest best practices and prepare for your next Rating:

  • Make sure each Lead Teacher or Lead Provider keeps up with required training. Contact Nicolette Graf, Professional Development Advisor, for support.
  • IMPORTANT: All training needs to have been completed within the last five years at the time of your Rating application and appear on the individual’s Learning Record in Develop.


Submit an updated accreditation certificate (if applicable)


What if my program moves?

  • If you’re a family child care program and your license number changes after your move, you must notify Parent Aware by completing and returning the Change of Location and License Number for Rated Programs Form. Contact Nikki Lepowsky, Quality Improvement Coordinator, to get this form.
  • IMPORTANT: For family child care programs, the license holder name on your new license must match your old license to keep your current Rating.
  • For center-based programs, your Rating is linked to your license number. In most cases, your license number stays the same when your programs moves. If your program moves and license number changes, your program’s Rating will be revoked. Your program will need to reapply for a Rating.
  • For both family child care and center-based programs, if your license number does not change after you move, you should inform your licensor of your new address.


How can I promote my Star Rating?

  • Visit the Promote Your Rating section to learn more about the resources we offer to help programs promote their Ratings.


How can I review what program information is on my profile?

  • Use the Provider Update Tool to review and update your program’s public profile information. Some information can only be updated through your county licensor. Review the Program Listing FAQs page for details.


What if I have more APR questions?

  • Contact Nikki Lepowsky, Quality Improvement Coordinator, to help you make the most of your resources as a Rated program and help you prepare fo ryour next Rating.

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