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Understanding Licensing Records

Reviewing licensing information is one way to find out if programs follow health and safety requirements

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) lists details about each licensed program on its website.

Families may access a program’s licensing record by clicking on the “View Record” link in their Parent Aware profile page or by searching on DHS Licensing Information Lookup. A description for each section of the License Details page is outlined below.

Families can visit the DHS webpage for licensed child care for more information about licensing requirements and practices for child care centers and family child care programs.


Program Details

Describes program information such as the program’s address, license holder’s name, the effective date of the license, and the expiration date of the license.


License Status

Describes the current status of the license.

An ‘active’ status indicates that the program is currently licensed to operate and is not currently under a licensing sanction (conditional, suspension, or revocation).

If the program has a current licensing sanction, the type of sanction is listed along with a statement of whether the program may operate. If the program is not legally authorized to operate at this time, the license status will indicate this.

Licensed to Serve

Age for Group Family Child Care
For family child care, describes the allowed numbers of children by age group.

The maximum number of children allowed at the program at one time.

Describes restrictions or limitations of the program. For example, a family child care provider who has not completed certain training requirements may have a restriction listed for ‘No Infants in Care’ or ‘No Transporting of Children Under Age Nine.’ Further, this section indicates when a child care center has a temporary or conditional fire or building approval. In addition, any licensed program that is operating with a temporary provisional license while appealing a revocation will be indicated here.

Describes where the family child care program operates – which is either in a “residential dwelling,” such as the provider’s home, or in a “special family child care setting,” which includes employer-based care, church-based care, community collaborative, not-for-profit agency in a dwelling, or commercial space. The majority of family child care programs are licensed in residential dwellings.

Services Licensed to Provide

For child care centers, this section describes the child care service provided, which may include day time child care, night time child care, drop-in child care, or sick child care; and the ages of children served.

Additional Information

Licensing Authority
Child care centers are licensed and monitored by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Family child care programs are licensed and monitored by county and tribal licensing agencies. Therefore, if reviewing a family child care program’s licensing record, this section indicates which county licensing agency is responsible for licensing and monitoring the program. Families who want more information about the licensing history of a particular family child care program should contact the county or tribal licensing agency.

Licensing Determinations Issued
This section contains the following types of licensing determinations issued by DHS on or after July 1, 2010:

  • Compliance reports including correction orders and licensing review reports issued by DHS (for child care centers) **Family child care compliance reports/correction orders issued by county licensing agencies are not found on this web page. This information may be obtained by contacting the county.
  • Negative action orders including orders of conditional licenses, fines, revocations, suspensions and temporary immediate suspensions of licenses (for both family child care and child care centers).
  • Investigation memoranda for DHS maltreatment investigations and DHS investigations of alleged licensing violations (for child care centers).
  • Reconsideration responses issued by DHS to requests for reconsideration of correction orders (for child care centers) and conditional licenses (for both child care centers and family child care).
  • Statement of final agency decision for Commissioner’s final orders on appeals of fines, revocations, suspensions, and temporary immediate suspensions of licenses (for both family child care and child care centers).

These licensing determinations may be subject to appeal. The web page does not include all documents in the license record and does not contain any nonpublic documents relating to a license.

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