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Northside Child Development Center

Centers and Preschools
4 of 4 stars

Parent Aware Ratings

= EXCELLING at use of kindergarten-readiness best practices
= SOME use of kindergarten-readiness best practices

Eligible for scholarships For more information call Parent Aware at 888.291.9811, contact your local scholarship administrator, or visit the Early Learning Scholarships page on the Minnesota Department of Education website. Accepts CCAP Minnesota's Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps income-eligible families pay for quality child care while they are at work, looking for work or attending school. Find more eligibility and application information on the Minnesota Department of Human Resources website.

Pricing and Openings

Information is subject to change. Programs are not required to share pricing and openings, so please contact them directly for the latest information.

Highest Hourly Highest Daily Highest Weekly Openings
Infant Not Reported $103.49 $517.45 No openings posted
Toddler Not Reported $76.98 $384.90 No openings posted
Preschool $9.60 $69.41 $347.05 No openings posted
School Age $9.00 $64.49 $322.45 No openings posted
  • Yearly Schedule Full Year
    Extra Hours
    • Open Early
    Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
    • No Pets
    • Smoke Free
    • Fenced Yard
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • English
  • Curriculum
    • Creative Curriculum for Preschool
    • Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos
  • Teaching Strategies-Gold Assessment (TS-Gold) (2016)
  • Licensed Capacity 129 children
Accreditations Programs earn accreditation from national child care organizations for meeting higher standards than required for state licensing. Find out more about accreditation.
  • COA - ECE
  • In their own words

    Northside CDC staff strive to provide an enlightened child care program, aware of our rich history, proud of our location on the near Northside of Minneapolis, and committed to meeting the needs of a dynamic and developing society. To this end, we commit ourselves to creativing a learning environment that: 1. Provides a setting parents feel confident in while meeting their goal of work or school 2. Ensures the physical safety, emotional security, and cognitive development of the children 3. Utilizes a value-based curriculum, learning materials, and educational experiences that promote responsible choices and nurture healthy development 4. Encourages self-awareness, self-esteem, personal growth, and social development 5. Stimulates habits of observation, questioning, listening, and problem solving 6. Provides for flexibility in programming so as to reflect respect for diversity, individual needs, multi-cultural experiences, beliefs, and values. To ensure the above, we commit ourselves to: 1. Working together as a cohesive whole to model for the children an environment of peace, harmony, cultural sensitivity, cooperation, nurturance, respect, and loyalty among one another 2. Continued learning in the field of early childhood development so as to establish age appropriate expectations, provide multi-cultural experiences, and offer a physcially safe, emotionally secure, and culturally diverse environment 3. Daily role modeling by staff that instills values, promotes responsible choices, and nurtures healthy development 4. Enthusiasm and energy so as to provide a fun-loving, warm, and relaxed environment for staff, children, and their families. 5. Excellent attendance and punctuality so as to provide a stable, consistent, and bonding environment for the children 6. An environment that nurtures communication, listening, understanding, concern, respect, sensitivity, and patience.