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Wooddale Academy

Centers and Preschools
4 of 4 stars

Parent Aware Ratings

= EXCELLING at use of kindergarten-readiness best practices
= SOME use of kindergarten-readiness best practices

Eligible for scholarships For more information call Parent Aware at 888.291.9811, contact your local scholarship administrator, or visit the Early Learning Scholarships page on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Pricing and Openings

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Pricing Openings
Infant Not Reported No openings posted
Toddler Not Reported No openings posted
Preschool Not Reported No openings posted
School Age Not Reported No openings posted
  • Yearly Schedule School Year
    Ages 6 weeks - 5 years
    • No Pets
    • Smoke Free
    • Fenced Yard
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • English
  • Curriculum
    • Core Knowledge
  • Core Knowledge Preschool Assessment Tool (CK-PAT)
  • Licensed Capacity 263 children
Accreditations Programs earn accreditation from national child care organizations for meeting higher standards than required for state licensing. Find out more about accreditation.
  • In their own words

    Wooddale Academy is dedicated to nurturing children while teaching Christian values. Children learn and develop through our creative environment, well planned curriculum, guided conversations and spontaneous teachable moments. Our skilled staff encourages each child's cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth. The Academy's creative environment cultivates the natural wonder in each child while honoring diversity and fostering fellowship within the community.

    We use the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence to plan for and support the early learning and development of children in our program.

    Wooddale Academy recognizes that each child has a unique developmental time table and learning style. Through activities carefully designed and facilitated by our skilled teachers, children learn and discover through observation, hands on exploration and peer interaction. The Academy's staff encourages the enjoyment of school while modeling a positive attitude towards learning which allows children to face future experiences with skill and confidence.